A Little Competition Anyone?

Here is your challenge. After you complete your workout, click on the “I Did It!” button below, it will take you to the forum. You can log in with your facebook (or any number of other social profiles) and post today’s time for the Plank exercise. Highest score gets an all expense paid trip to Brag-In-Wrights, Middle Earth. Good Luck! And no cheating.

Four Point Squat

6 to 10 Reps

Low Bridge-2 Leg

1 to 2 minute hold

Single Leg Deadlift

10 reps each leg
As Long as you Can

Plank (MAX!)

1 to 3 minutes (push to your maximum time) – Record Time. At the end of the workout post in the forum under the “I DID IT” thread.

Hamstring Stretch

30sec in each of 3 positions

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