What we Believe

1. Your Life is your Playground

We believe in happiness. Life isn’t perfect, nor can it ever be perfect (no matter how awesome your abs are). But we do believe that the purpose of life is to move toward an ever-expanding happiness. Sometimes this happiness takes the form of joy, sometimes exhilaration, and sometimes a confident peacefulness.


2. Your Life is your Gym

Fitness and happiness are one and the same thing. We aren’t saying that olympian level performance is required for happiness. Far from it. Our definition of ‘fitness’ is a bit different from the mainstream definition. For us, fitness is a state of mind. It is a state of optimism, openness, curiosity, and continual exploration of boundaries.

1940's Austrailian woman milking cow



3. Your Body is Programmable

Habits are the only tool that builds fitness in the long run. It is fairly well established by now that goals, affirmations, willpower, and ambition only get you so far. They produce, at best, short-term results. After all, if there was a pill, an energy drink or a book that could make it easy there wouldn’t so many unhealthy people. The desire to be fit is fine. But long-term results are built on the foundation of solid habits.

Pilates practioner


4. Your People are your Strength

Connecting with people is the best way to install habits. That is why we focus on connecting people with guides (personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, etc). Any society is built on collective habits. When two more people share a habit (like a workout session) you have built a tiny culture. Build your own culture of fitness and just wait to see what kind of fun you will have.



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