Welcome to the “No Shortcuts” Blog


After 6 months of prep work it is ready.  My site and blog are open for business!

There is no shortage of fitness blogs in the world.   With each new blog comes a new voice to add to the noise.   Misinformation is the norm in the fitness industry.  It is sad but true.  After all, there is money to be made.   Why complicate things with fact checking?

The theme of this blog is to cut through the noise to get at the truth.   I like money as much as the next person.  But I’ve seen too many people hurt themselves trying the latest fitness craze.  I’m not the type to cash in on false promises and snake oil.   So don’t look for me on daytime talk shows any time soon.

I hope what I lack in the allure of quick fixes I can make up for by providing solid, well-researched information.

We may not accomplish your goals by next month, but we will get there! And I won’t put your long term health at risk to accomplish a quick fix.

I want to build a level of trust with you.  

I want you to come here and find the information you need (without the worry of being misled). The information presented here will, whenever possible, be backed by research. I will also fall back on my 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. But I will try to make it clear when I give you my opinion vs giving you scientific fact.

With the aid of my assistant I’ve compiled a list of topics that will keep me writing for many years. I hope that the topics we selected are of interest to you.  

I’m very open to suggestions from clients and readers.  Do you have a question about an ache or pain?   Are you wondering about a particular diet plan or fitness program?  Please let me know and we will write about it.

We should be publishing regularly.   At the very least we will get up a couple new articles a month.  Ideally we’d like to have something new every day or two.  Likely we will end up somewhere in the middle.   

In any case, we really want to keep the writing fresh so that you’ll always have something new to think about.

Well away we go!  Enjoy!



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  1. Leandro Karatz
    February 17, 2012 | 4:53 am

    Cool post. Keep it comin’. 🙂

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