Sample Caravan Group

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Who we are?

We are a group of training enthusiasts. We try very hard and we always get where we are going even when its an uphill battle. We have room for 3 additional members if you are into training. We’d love to have you.

Our Forum

Upcoming Events/Classes:

Next Class: Next month on the 18th at 10am. At Ole Bessie’s Garage.
Ice Cream Social: Featuring Rocky Road at the Crossroads on the 20th at 3pm. Training session beforehand to work off the load.

Group Members

Old Bessie

Old Bessie is the founding member of the training group. She has been training since the mid 19th century and she is still running strong.
Fitness Goal for the Month: Let someone else haul the really heavy stuff while I build up my strength.


Gloria is an up and coming model. She sure adds shine to our group!
Fitness Goal for the Month: Refuel at regular times.

Colonel Sal

Sal is a career serviceman and he wants to keep on going as long as he can.
Fitness Goal for the Month: Log 7,000 miles this month.


Matilda is recently retired from the tourism industry. She now works part time with kids at the zoo.
Fitness Goal for the Month: Consume less unhealthy oils. Train everyday for 30 minutes.
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Latest News

* Congrats to Gloria who just got hired for the museum job!

* Colonel Sal met his mileage goal this month. Go Sal!

* Matilda says she slipped a bit with her goal to consume less oils. But we know she get right back on track next month.

* Did you see the latest advice on how to maintain your equipment from an expert in the field?: