The Best Personal Trainers in Minneapolis or St. Paul

What is it that is shared by violin virtuosos, martial arts masters, guys who can juggle 9 balls at once, world-champion quilters, and girls bouncing on trampolines?

Personal Trainer Jobs in Minneapolis

They are Intrinsically Motivated

This is just a fancy way to say that these people do what they do because they absolutely love the activity for its own sake.  They would do it even if they weren’t being paid.

This is the single-most important quality we look for in hiring our personal trainers.  We want trainers who love fitness and who love people.  For them, seeing a client discover how to activate a muscle they had never activated before is better than eating ice cream.

We do the Due Diligence (so you don’t have to)

When you have a bit of momentum to try something new there is nothing worse than having to slog through a lot research.  Before working with any personal trainer you should do the following:

  • Verify certifications
  • Verify insurance
  • Do a background check
  • Check trainer references

We do all of this for each of our trainers and more.  In fact, our trainers all have 4-year degrees, and some of them have master’s degrees.

The disadvantage of going with a totally independent personal trainer is you just don’t know what you are going to get.   And you have to do all the research yourself.

Our Trainers


Amber Walker (Head Trainer): M.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Utah



Arian Bove: 4-Year Personal Training Degree from St. Paul College



Bryan Milliard: B.A. in Exercise Science from Winona State University



Denise Bradley: B.A. in Kinesiology from U. of Minnesota



Jocey Mathern: M.A. in Human Nutrition from U. of Minnesota



Kristi Sherlock: M.S. in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University



Lori Brubacher American College of Sports Medicine Certified

Quality Trainers mean Faster Progress, More Enjoyable Sessions and Less Risk of Injury

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