How to Get your Own Personal Trainer

“I’m just not rich enough to have my own personal trainer”

Thoughts like these are often your own fear of change trying to trick you into staying your comfort zone.  Let’s examine the assumption that you can’t afford a trainer.

The average american spends $2668 per year eating outside of the home and another $457 on alcohol (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).  That’s over $3k per year that ends up as extra fat layers on the body.

For less than half this amount you can have your own personal trainer.

Our rates start at $75 per in-home session. That means for $150/month you could have your own high quality personal trainer (including 2 visits, custom designed workouts, general nutritional advice, and phone support).

Most of our clients love it so much that they decide weekly, 2x/week, or 3x/week is worth it.

How much will you Return on your Investment?

Suppose you take our advice and cut back on half your spending on eating out, you use the extra to hire a trainer.

How much money will you save in driving to the gym, and paying gym membership fees?

How much less will future medical bills be?

How much longer will you live?

The New York Times recently reported on National Cancer Institute study that found –

“People who meet exercise recommendations are 31% less likely to die over the next 14-year period.”

How much is that worth?

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