Personal Trainer Positions in Minneapolis

Work with us, play with us:

Personal Trainer Positions in Minneapolis


If you believe…

  • A physical life is a good life
  • Fitness happens everywhere, not just at the gym
  • That diligently and patiently helping others equals a satisfying work life

..then you might like to get to know us.


Current Positions

We are not currently hiring for any positions. But we would love to get to know you if you are personal trainer interested in picking up some client hours. Please give us a call or send us an email message!

Note: Personal Trainers are hired as independent contractors and require certification from a nationally recognized certification program.


Get to know us

Personal trainer positions are not the only way you can get involved. If you believe in our ideals we’d love to hear from you. There are plenty of ways you can get involved.

The first step is to contact Jesse by emailing jesse [at] and introduce yourself.