How In-Home Personal Training Works

Imagine a client of ours…

Suzanne is 43. She is excited to make some changes in her lifestyle.

She signs up right away for a complementary consultation

She schedules a time talk with one of our trainers.  They chat for 20-minutes and talk about her recent challenges, her tennis elbow, and her recent increase in weight.  She comes away from the conversation with 2 things she can apply immediately, even before working with a trainer.

She and the trainer also decide together that in-home training is indeed right for her.

Two days later her trainer, Bryan, arrives.  He arrives in his own, unbranded vehicle (we have decided not to purchase branded vehicles to honor the privacy of our clients and its just not our style).

Bryan brings highly portable fitness equipment.  He has everything they need for their session.  They chat for a bit.  “Jodie”, Suzanne’s bulldog is twitterpated with Bryan and has a particular fondness for the exercise ball he brought along for the workout.

Exercise balls are on of many easy ways to stay active

“Have you no Shame, Jodie?!”

Bryan and Suzanne have a great time during the workout.  There is a lot of giggling because Suzanne is trying out new things and feels a bit awkward.  But Bryan is comforting and Suzanne feels at home.

Suzanne has a delightful time (not as good as Jodie obviously), and is pretty sore the next day.  She texts Bryan about how sore she is and he texts her back and says its totally normal and to take it easy on her run today.

1-month later…

Suzanne is at a holiday party.  As Bryan is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant, he has given her some tips on how to survive the holiday.  She eats only what she really enjoys and she doesn’t overdo it.  She manages to maintain her weight throughout the holiday season (a clear win)!


“How about some more hot dish Suzanne!” “Why, no thank you Peter”

3-months later…

Suzanne is at her boy’s soccer game at a nearby park.  Bryan has given her a simple 10-minute workout to do at soccer games.  She pulls it up on her phone gets started.   She notices her body is really different than three months ago.  Clearly she has trimmed down.  And she feels stronger in her core.  Her posture is better.  She is also more flexible.


Your Life is your Gym

1-year later…

Suzanne has lost all but 5 pounds of the weight she set out to lose.  Her physical practice facilitated by Bryan has given her a new mental toughness.  Once or twice a week Bryan presents her with a challenging workout.  It’s tough some days to make it through.  But she does and she gains confidence in working through difficult situations.

Her business as a freelance writer is really picking up.  Could it be that this energy and confidence is having effects in the rest of her life?

15-years later…

She has a new dog named “Lillian”.  Also a bulldog.  She has moved to Washington to be closer to her son.  She no longer works with Bryan but she still remembers some of the workouts and she sees him from time to time when she returns to Minneapolis.  She has a new trainer in Washington.  She is disease free and doesn’t get sick much.  She travels a lot with her husband and her energy is unstoppable.  She feels very grateful to be alive in a healthy body with many years of play ahead of her.

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