Why would I choose I Think I Can Fitness over other personal training services?

If you value down-to-earth expertise without all the glitz, machismo, and promises of many fitness businesses then we are for you. We won’t promise you the moon unless we can deliver you the moon.

With us you’ll get carefully crafted, challenging workouts.

You won’t get boot camp training. We won’t yell at you. We won’t make you throw up. We won’t belittle you as a motivational technique. We won’t encourage you to lose weight more quickly than is safe or sustainable.

What you will get from us, no matter what shape you are in, is respect. You will get fun workouts designed specifically for your needs. You’ll get a partner on your journey. You’ll have someone to help you through the setbacks. And you’ll have someone to fuel you into new territories of health and fitness.

If you are looking for alternative approach to the ‘Hollywood’ fitness industry, give us a try.

What is your training approach?

In many ways, we are the anti-gym. We believe that the internal effects of exercise (better mood and health) are more important than the external effects (weight loss and toning).

With our trainers you will definitely burn more calories and tone your muscles. But what we think is more important is that you’ll feel better about yourself after one of our workouts. You’ll feel fit, strong, healthy and sexy. You’ll have lots of energy to handle life’s difficulties. You’ll be nicer to your kids or your lover. You’ll live longer!

These effects have a real impact on the quality of our client’s lives. We love to see this. It is why we are trainers.

Where are you located?

We don’t have a brick and morter location. We train clients in-home, at condo/apartment complex gyms, outside, or at select locations around the Twin Cities.

Because we don’t have a physical location we don’t have an enormous client quota to fill every month. This means we give our clients a higher quality service than if we were trying to pack in 8 to 12 clients a day.

Can you travel to my house?

If you live within a half-hour of either downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul the answer is probably yes. Contact us if you have question about your specific area.

What if I like your approach to fitness but don’t want to workout from home?

We work with local businesses to find space for our workouts. It is often possible to get private sessions from us at fitness center, a Yoga studio, a Pilates studio, or a dance studio. In each case you won’t have to pay membership fees from rental space.

Can’t I get all the benefits of exercise without a personal trainer?

Yes and no. If you are browsing around for personal trainers you probably realize that sometimes you need a little help with motivation. Also you may not know how to do exercises properly or how to design a routine.

Our clients tell us that they work harder when we are physically present with them during the workout. By watching your form we can make sure you are not cheating yourself. This results in a much greater efficiency of exercise than when you workout alone.

Sure you can exercise on your own. Please do!

But if you want to experience a greater level of health and energy consider hiring us or another personal trainer.

Can I lose X amount of pounds by X date?

Most likely, yes, but we wouldn’t advise it. Why?

Because losing weight rapidly has a sling shot effect.

It is not difficult to lose weight in the short term. Anyone with an off-the-shelf diet plan or gym membership can shed pounds over the short-term. This is why before and after pictures are plastered across almost every gym and fitness websites. The after picture is likely taken about 4 months from the before picture. What they don’t show you is the “after, after” picture 2 years later. The poor dieter is often more heavy than they were to begin with.

We don’t do standard before and after pictures because we think they are misleading. They manipulate you into thinking that massive and sustainable weight loss can happen in a matter of months. This is just not the case.

If you want to lose weight for the long-term you need a long-term solution.  That is what we advise and that is how we coach our clients.

Note: Now if there is a one time event, like a wedding, in which you want to look like a million bucks and you want to lose weight fast there are some steps you can take to do it more safely. First of all work with a professional trainer and/or dietitian. Don’t expect to keep the weight off. And don’t get into the habit of swing dieting.