Exercise Lexicon

I Think I Can Fitness is making this  lexicon of exercises.  The common feature of these exercises is that you can do them at home with little or no equipment.   Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page and consult your physician before attempting any of these exercises.

Body-Weight Exercises

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Pilates (Inspired) Exercises


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Exercise Lexicon
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Bodyweight Exercises
Backward Lunges
Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch
Bretzel Stretch Video
Burpees (Advanced)
Burpees (Basic)
Fast Squats
Four Point Squat
Front Plank – Lying Down
Hard Roll Exercise
Low Ab Bracing Exercise
Low Ab Marching Exercise
Low Bridge – 2 Leg
Mountain Climber Ab Exercise
Obliques Exercise
Pec Stretch – Lying Down
Perfect Pushups Instructions
Psoas Stretch Kneeling
Quad Stretch
Single Leg Deadlift
Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
Traveling Lunges
Tricep Dips at Home
Wall Sit Exercise Description
Wall Squats Video
Wall Squats Video
YTWL Shoulder Exercises
Pilates-Inspired Exercises
Cobra – “W” Arms
Cobra – Arms at Sides
Pilates 100s Video
Pilates Roll Over Video
Roll Ups
Side Plank