The Ellison/Jarvis Caravan Group

Welcome to Caravan!

We are excited.  Are you?

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A special thanks to the caravan groups who agreed to help us test this concept in online-offline training.   Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Click the forum button to your right to leave us feedback, ask the trainer a question, or discuss the workouts!

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  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • A timer


*Our First Group Personal Training Session!

Where: Patrick’s Cabaret

Located at the corner of Minnehaha and Lake Street (4 blocks from Amber’s house). Click below for more detailed directions:

Directions to Patrick’s

Another option is to arrive at Amber’s house at 4:45 and we can walk over together. Just park in front of my house. Patrick’s also has its own parking lot.

When: Sunday June 10th at 5pm

-Class will be one hour

-Potluck dinner at Jesse and Amber’s house to follow. Amber would love to answer any training questions you have at the potluck.

What to bring: A towel, water, and yoga mat (if you have one).

What to expect: A fun and energetic workout using bodyweight and pilates exercises. An introduction to the Caravan program.

Our Members

Name: Dawn Ellison
Goal for the Month:
Trophy Case:
Name: Joanie Jarvis Ellison
Goal for the Month:
Trophy Case:
Name: Jenny Ellison
Goal for the Month:
Trophy Case:
Name: Gae Jarvis
Goal for the Month:
Trophy Case: