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Yoga for Fitness? Why it is perfect for Beginners


Sometimes…exercising stinks. It’s hard, it’s sweaty, and there’s very little extrinsic reward right off the bat. No one makes you exercise, and it’s not a requirement for adult life – like say paying your bills. So all of the motivation and all of the reward (at least in the beginning) comes from you. Like most…

Mother’s Day Fit-Pinterest Board!


Hey guys! It’s Mother’s Day! and we wanted to do something special to mark the occassion. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with Pinterest…okay, a lot obsessed :).  Put those two ideas together and you get a pretty awesome Mother’s Day Fit-Pinterest board!   Fitness begins at home and your mother was your first personal trainer.  We…

Ten Best Healthy Eating Blogs (…for people who actually like food.)


Here are ten of the best healthy eating blogs on the planet complete with sample recipes and photos. And yes it includes Thin Mints!