Hi, I’m Arian

I get a kick out of developing plans that produce real results; both the long-term results of improved physical outcomes, and the immediate results of improved mood, energy, and confidence.

  • I’ve completed a barefoot 5k, and Grandma’s Marathon (with shoes on…)
  • My grandfather is my personal hero. He is a healthy 95-year-old. When my Grandmother died he took it upon himself to relearn how to cook. He has 5 (soon to be 6) great grandchildren!
  • I have a 4-year old daughter and 8-month old son.
  • I recently decided to start teaching myself Olympic lifting. I love it!  It will definitely
    be a mainstay in my personal workouts.
  • My training style in 5 words: Partner in Health and Fitness
Choose me if you want to…

Create a Well-Rounded Health Plan

I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and completed a program as aHolistic Nutrion Coach. I work to build your foundation of health from multiple angles.

You need a Great Workout Companion

I have a 4-year Personal Trainer Degree from St. Paul College and a BA in English Literature. I love fitness. But I also love life. And I’m interested in you, not just your fitness goals.

Train for your Favorite Sport

I’m actively researching and designing programs that boost power, agility, and strength. Ask me about my programs designed to boost athletic performance.


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“After years of inactivity, I enjoy Arian’s help and training style. He is kind and encouraging, which is more motivating for me than other styles. He understands the limitations of a very busy family and work schedule but still finds ways for me to put better self care in action!”

~Mary J. of Roseville

Service Menu

Solo 1-on-1 Personal Training
*$80 – 1 hour session
Group Training
*$45 per person – 1 hour session with a partner
*$30 per person – 1 hour session with 3 or 4 people
Nutritional Counseling
*$80 – 1 hour session
Package Rates
*$750 – Ten 1-hour personal training sessions
*$400 per person – Ten 1 hour session with a partner
*$550 – 6-month nutritional package