Speak Softly, Train Hard:

Approachable Personal Training in Minneapolis

We treat your body with the respect it deserves. Results, without the yelling, and without the guilt.

  • Convenience: Train in your own home or apartment gym.
  • No Fees: No gym membership fees required.
  • Quality: Trainers are certified, insured, experienced and thoroughly vetted.

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personal trainer minneapolis
Amber Ellison Walker
Owner and Head Trainer
Certified, Insured and Inspired by...

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Denise [my trainer] is wonderful, so positive and caring and funny. Both my husband and I enjoyed my sessions. I was fully supported by her...I would recommend her to family, friends and strangers.

-Sue Marshall,
Director of Administration and Operations
Dep. of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health
University of Minnesota

"I have been training in Pilates with Amber for over ten years now.

She is thoroughly knowledgeable – providing intelligent, thoughtful, and individualized advice and feedback on my overall exercise regimen as well as diet issues with which I wrestle.

She is enthusiastic and a very good listener."

-Mark A. Doepke,
Actuarial Advisors Inc.

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